Michelle from Engaged Birth Doula Services with mother at her homebirth


Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you are looking for an HypnoBirthing practitioner in the Jurien Bay region, you have come to the right place. If you….
• Would like a low intervention hospital birth, but aren’t sure how to give yourself the best chance at this;
• Need help navigating the different models of care in your area;
• Would like a home birth or water birth and are not sure where to start;
• Wonder if you’re strong enough to birth your baby the way you want to;
• Would like to learn how to work with your body in childbirth;
• Would like to find out how to have a calm, peaceful birth using Hypnobirthing (the original Mongan Method);
• Feel anxious about labour and are ready to explore your fears;
• Believe you are a healthy woman giving birth, not a patient;
• Don’t know what all your options are, or where to start;
• Are looking for practical ways to manage pain and encourage labour to progress;
• If you are based in the Northern Wheatbelt or Turquoise Coast, or
• Would like to attend a full integrated Childbirth Education program,
then contact Michelle from Engaged Birth Doula to discuss your HypnoBirthing sessions during your pregnancy.



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